Practical experience is the best, but certifications can help you stand out. You can also feel confident that you can do the job right by being certified. There is a growing demand for certified professionals all over the world. To stand out from the crowd, it is important to have a few certifications. There are many certifications that IT professionals can pursue. CompTIA, a non profit association that offers IT certifications, has some good IT security certifications. CompTIA Security+ certification is one of their many useful certifications. The CompTIA Continuing Education Program is available.
This article will discuss the CompTIA Security+ renewal procedure.
CompTIA Security+ certification focuses on practical skills. This will help you to be better equipped to deal with a variety of security-related issues. You will learn the essential security skills needed to manage security risks, incidents and cloud operations.
The CompTIA Security+ certificate expires three years after the date it was earned. Below is a summary of the CompTIA Security+ renewal requirements.
Name of LevelCertification (three years)
Total Three-Year Fee
CoreCompTIA Security+50
CompTIA Security+ Renewal
We will discuss the three steps required to renew your CompTIA Security+ subscription.
1- Earn CompTIA Security+ Continuing Education Units. (CEU).
CompTIA Security+ renewal begins with earning Continuing Education Units (CEU). One Continuing Education Unit equals one hour of activity. 50 CEUs are required for Security+ renewal. There are many activities that you can do in order to earn 50 CEUs.
Complete training or higher education
You can choose to take a short training course or course of your choice. It could be an IT course, or a course on a related professional field. It can be done online, in a classroom, or self-paced. There are many options available for your training and courses. You can, for example, find out about an IT conference in your region. You can take an American Council on Education (ACE), a college course or attend a live webinar. There are many options for earning your CEUs. CompTIA Security+ renewal has a limit to the number of CEUs that you can earn from each activity. These limits are described in the table below.
ActivityCEU limitComplete course50Attend conference10Attend live webinar10Attend college course50Attend an Ace course50You must ensure that at least half of the training or course content is related to the exam objectives for your CompTIA certification renewal. Master of Project Academy offers a 60 CEU CompTIA training package. This bundle includes four professional courses.

These include the IT Service Management Certification course and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. These courses are worth 60 CEUs. These courses will prepare you for the appropriate certifications once you have completed them. This is the best course to purchase if you want to obtain additional certifications in the future.

Benefits of the 60 CEU Course Bundle
This 60 CEU course bundle can be accessed online from any location. This complete online self-paced learning package allows you to access the lectures at your convenience. You get a 30-day money back guarantee. Once you have completed the courses, you will also receive course completion certificates.
You can purchase the CompTIA 60 CEU bundle with a monthly or yearly subscription. The bundle costs $197 per month.