Project managers are more knowledgeable than most about the details. It’s not just about managing the flow of a project. It’s all about managing all details. This includes how productive each task is completed and the time it took to complete them. These are the micro details that can make a real difference in productivity.
These are the steps you need to follow. Also, there are links to People-OnTheGo workshops that can help you get there.
1. Stop sending too many emails your project team.
According to our survey, emails are the most distracting factor in the workplace. Instead of checking your email every day, find other ways to communicate and collaborate with your team.
Google Docs and Wikis are great alternatives. To share complex information, virtual meetings can be hosted. Microsoft Project and SharePoint are great tools for managing large amounts online of project information. You can also share documents and manage your calendars.
2. Maximize productivity by working in 40-minute bursts.
Instead of spending time working and then checking email or social media, or jumping to a new idea or sub-project, encourage team members to work in 40-minute bursts. Pierre Khawand, founder and CEO of People-OnTheGo shares his research in the Accomplishing More with Less workshop and workbook. He claims that 40 minutes of concentrated effort can get the brain thinking far enough to allow breakthrough accomplishments.
3. Schedule time for collaboration.
Projects require a lot of collaboration so plan accordingly! After 40 minutes of focused work, let your team collaborate for 20 mins. After that, your team can return to their work. This will allow everyone else to stay focused on their goals.
4. Go even more micro.
Your team might suggest that they use an countdown clock to help them concentrate during 40-minute work sessions. Pierre wrote: “Just by the fact that a countdown clock is running, it seems like it drastically increases awareness of time and allows us to notice when our task has changed.” ”
You can suggest that each focus session starts with a microplan to help you stay on track with tasks. This will help team members stay on task. Finally, make sure that there are no distractions from outside. During work sessions, your team members should not be distracted. If it is urgent, don’t be a distraction boss. Encourage your team members not to use instant messaging, phone rings, or email alerts.
You’ll be the master of all the micro details for your project team or management team and you’ll be the “details devil by the tail”.
Software for Project Management
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