What is Pecha Kucha?
This is what I did the first time I heard of it.
This guest post by Dave Prior will help you find out, even though the sound of “Pecha Kucha” may scare you. It’s actually quite cool. It’s really cool!
Dave Prior, PMP and CST
Many people look at me strangely when I tell them that I am both an Agilist and a PMP.
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How can one learn and practice a formal methodology for project management while also using Agile?
One of my coworkers and me went to speak to a PMI Chapter about Agile. We were led to believe that the audience might throw tomatoes. It was funny, however, that almost everyone was open to our talk, and many people said, “Yeah, this is what we’ve been using for years!” “.
In fact, I was surprised at the number of PMI members that have managed Agile projects, perhaps not in the name but under the radar of a large organization. This was very similar in some ways to my earliest Agile project experiences. anagement.
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When I worked for a large financial company, I remember being told that we had to follow a strict process if we were working on projects lasting more than 400 hours. If we were below this threshold, the process was much simpler. It’s amazing how many projects were completed in “396 hours” by this team.
It has been a rewarding experience to work with the PMI Agile Community of Practice. Many project managers are passionate about project management and are open to learning Agile techniques to improve their craft. We have been impressed by the number of people who use Agile practices regardless of their circumstances over the past year.
We want you to know that you are not the only one. The Agile CoP hosts an online video contest called “Confessions Of An Agile Project Manager”.
Submit your own video in a Pecha Kucha format telling us your story.?? Maybe it was a guerrilla effort to deliver value quietly, so it didn’t attract too much attention. Or maybe it was an organizational project. transformation. We want to hear about your experiences with Agile, no matter what your level of experience.
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We will ask the community to share their stories and select the best. Most importantly, we will have cash prizes for the three best submissions!Submissions can be made to the PMIAgile YouTube group.
RulesDates:- March 5, 2010: Contest officially begins-May 10, 2010. Last day to submit videos-May 17, 2013. Last day to vote on videosPrizes: 1st Place: $1000- 2nd: $750- 3rd: $500
Participation Anyone can submit and vote for videos
Video FormatSubmitted videos should look like pecha kucha presentations. This is a powerpoint (or similar presentation capability) that shows 20 slides that auto-advance each 20 seconds for a video that is approximately 6:40. We will not consider videos that significantly depart from the format, even if they are creative.