These past few weeks have been crazy. One of my project teams is currently going through a formal testing phase. I completely spaced letting?you know about a new resource?available to you if you plan on taking the PMP exam.
Cornelius Fichtner is the host of today’s renowned PM Podcast. I spoke to him on the phone. We talked about our projects, and he reminded us about the new PMP Exam Simulator tool. It will be available Friday.
It was my beta test version, and I completely forgot about it. It was my fault!
Cornelius was fantastic about?being focused on improving the simulator through feedback from me and other beta testers. If you’re going to take the PMP Exam, it’s an amazing resource. It’s a great resource, so I wanted to tell you about it on pmStudent.
Get 3 days free access by clicking the link below. Cornelius also said that anyone who signs up before midnight on the 25th to receive a coupon code for a discount on the full 1800-question simulator. That was not a typo 1800 question. That’s 9 exams worth practice questions.
Get a 3-Day Free Trial Account
Give it a shot. If you decide to purchase, a portion will be donated to support my activities at pmStudent. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I also rant about the PMP Exam when it’s approached wrongly and for the wrong reasons.