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Erika Flora guest posts
Project Management principles are universally applicable, so a good Project Manager should have the ability to manage projects in any industry. Most employers will tell you that this is not true. Employers want someone who has project management experience in their field. How can you overcome this? Here are some tips to make you more attractive to employers if you are considering a move into a new industry.
Highlight your accomplishments in your resume. You can include hard numbers and figures about projects that were completed on time and within budget. Employers in all industries will appreciate your ability to manage projects with tangible numbers.
Learn industry-specific skills. You can take a course or get a certification in your desired industry. You can find training online, at a local university or training facility. If you are interested in getting into biotech, for example, there are lots of online?industry-specific?courses like this one -? “Project Management Fundamentals for Lifesciences”? ?
All industries can use project management principles, but employers want to see that you are able to speak the language. What is your company’s language? A foundational course is sufficient to get you there in most cases.
Get connected! Get connected with people in your industry. You might consider joining a professional association that is specific to your industry. You can join itSMF or AITP if you are interested in IT. This will allow you to network with other people in the field. Ask them lots of questions about how they got in the industry. You can also volunteer to help others learn from yours.
Get professional assistance. Find recruiters who are focused on your industry. Search MRI International’s website to find recruiters in a specific field. Recruiters work closely with employers and have a good idea of what employers are looking to see in candidates. They can offer a wealth of information and ideas about certifications, best job boards, and can help you negotiate with employers to get your foot in their door.
There is no one way to break into a new industry. There are many ways project managers can improve their skills and vocabulary to make them more attractive to employers in new industries. Best of luck with your job search!
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