Amazon Web Services offers help to organizations to migrate their workloads and applications from Microsoft Azure cloud server virtual machines to Amazon cloud.
This is possible thanks to new functionality in the AWS Server Migration Service, (SMS). According to its site, it is “an agentless service that makes it easier and quicker for you to migrate thousands on-premises workloads into AWS.”
AWS announced last week that the “on-premises” migration capability has been extended so that Azure virtual machines (VMs) can be used.
The company stated that the new capability allows you to migrate existing Microsoft Azure applications to AWS cloud. This will allow you to enjoy greater reliability, faster performance and more security capabilities at lower costs.
AWS previously stated that users could migrate VMs running under Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere environments.
AWS stated in its April 18 post that customers can now use Server Migration Service’s simplicity and ease to migrate VMs running on Microsoft Azure. You can find Azure VMs and group them into applications. Then, you can migrate the entire application group as one unit without having to coordinate the replication of individual servers. Server Migration Service dramatically reduces the time it takes to migrate applications and lowers the chance of errors during the process.
Except for Amazon Elastic Block Store and Amazon Elastic Compute cloud (Amazon EC2), the service is free.