IT professionals often experience a gap between their network certification training and the actual application of their skills. Is CCNA able to address all issues that you will face when building a server or other IT projects? Sure. It will explain theoretically how it all works. Practically, however, no. You will need to get dirty.
This webinar will take you behind the scenes at real job sites and into server rooms and crawlspaces to learn how IT professionals build a switch network.
Here are the top topics and their timestamps.
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start training0:35 – How to learn any technical concept
2:20 – What is IT expertise course?
3:00 – Normal methods for learning: College
4:25 – Normal methods of learning: Certificate
7:10 – The right to passage: Your first job
11:57 – How can you create the perfect learning environment?
12:40 – Learn non-technical skills
16:47 – Start learning by using your home (lab).
17:53 – Use your company as a laboratory to make progress
21:48 – What is the IT Expertise series exactly?

Q&A with Jeremy Cioara
We had a very long webinar with Jeremy this week. Jeremy had many questions from you all about your career, certification options, and SPOTO courses. It was so long and so good that we decided to split it into a separate video.
Here are the timestamps and Jeremy’s answers to the questions from SPOTO Learners:
0:10 – Are you too old to get involved in networking? Although I have some IT experience, I have worked in another field for the past 10 years. I now want to become a networker. I am currently working with Network+, CCNA, CCDA, then CCNA. Then, maybe I will move into cybersecurity.
1:54 – I already did CCNA before, but never gotten my Network+. Do you think it’s important to get Network+? Or should you just continue focusing on CCNA.
2:55 – Do you need to have job experience before taking CCNA R&S classes?
3:24 – I’m a CCIE. What’s next?
4:12 – What do you do with 5 years of experience and CCNP? How can I grow? To a manager? Perhaps you could start your own company?
6:17 – Will there a test for the new IT Expertise course Building and Configuring Business Switch Network?
7:29 – How can you prepare for a certification exam?
8:39 – How do I choose which field of networking to pursue? I did CCNA R&S. Do I take CCNP? Or should I start a new CCNA?
9:32 – What level of certification is the IT expertise course equivalent to?
10:39 – Should Network+ be done or should I go straight into CCNA
11:14 – How do you get past the filters in your job search if you have the experience but not the certifications?
12:52 – What’s the difference between the Cisco For The Real World course and the IT Expertise?
14:00 – Should we have a Coffee Chit Chat with Jeremy Cioara for the next webinar? (Answer: Yes!)
14:31 – What are your thoughts on additional academic degrees, such as pursuing a master’s degree? Particularly if you have many certificates with more than 15 years experience.
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About the Presenter
SPOTO trainer Jeremy Cioara just completed his course, Building & Configuring a Business Switch Network. It’s the latest course of the IT Expertise series, which emphasizes the realities and realities of IT work. Jeremy is a SPOTO trainer and holds a number of Cisco certifications including CCNA and CCDA, CCNA Security and CCNA Voice.
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