AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. This associate demonstrates “expertise designing and deploying scalable system on AWS”, and is paid a $132.840 annual salary. AWS Certified Developer – Associate. This

AWS offers a Cloud9-based alternative to GitHub Codespaces A remote development environment for Visual Studio Code developers was suggested by Amazon Web Services (AWS), in a blog post. This setup can be used as an alternative to GitHub Codespaces. GitHub Codespaces offers cloud-powered development environments that can use computing resources such as storage, CPU, memory, and so forth that are not always available on low-powered local machines. AWS requires an SSH connection to enable the AWS Cloud9 interface and other functionality. “One of the most appealing things about Visual Studio Code is the vast ecosystem of extensions that allows me to extend its core functionality to precisely how I need it,” Nick Ragusa, a VS Code aficionado, said in a blog post. “I have spent hours installing extensions and figuring out keyboard shortcut combinations, but the theme and syntax highlighter are what I find most appealing. Despite all the effort put into creating the perfect IDE it can still fall short. It’s not easy to overcome the limitations of an IDE. These challenges include running out local disk space, RAM exhaustion or requiring more CPU cores in order to process a build. This blog post will show you how to overcome your desktop or laptop’s limitations by using AWS Cloud9 to power Visual Studio Code IDE. His solution addresses problems such as connection resets and timeouts when mounting remote file systems via SSH (Secure Shell Protocol). Instead, he seeks a solution that developers can use:

You can connect to a remote instance using SSH. You can also install your favorite extensions on the remote instance. You can access the instance from any IP address, even