AWS Chatbot for DevOps Amazon Web Services Inc. has launched its first chatbot, AWS Chatbot, which is a beta offering that targets the DevOps space. AWS announced that AWS Chatbot is a new service that makes setting up ChatOps for AWS within your Amazon Chime and Slack chat rooms easy. AWS Chatbot is an interactive agent that allows you to monitor and interact directly with your AWS resources via team chat rooms. You can receive and execute commands to return diagnostic information. This allows your team to collaborate and respond faster to events. AWS Chatbot beta supports receiving notifications in your chatroom. What is ChatOps? Chatbots Magazine explains that ChatOps is the use chat clients, chatbots, and real-time communication tools to help software development and operation tasks be communicated and completed. ChatOps environments use the chat client as the primary communication channel for ongoing work. [Click on the image to see a larger version.] AWS Chatbot (source AWS) At the moment, the beta service can receive notifications from these AWS services.

Amazon CloudWatch AWS Health Budgets for AWS AWS Security Hub Amazon GuardDuty AWS CloudFormation AWS handles the integration details and the company claims that it takes only a few minutes

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