You still have time to obtain your CCENT. At least, for a while. To be eligible for the credential to be transferred into the new Cisco certification program, you will need to pass both ICND1 AND ICND2. It is possible, even though time is limited. A poll we conducted a while ago revealed that 42 percent of IT professionals who passed the ICND1 studied for less than two months. If you haven’t started yet, get started today.
To test your knowledge on each exam objective, first take a full practice exam. Every SPOTO subscription includes unlimited Kaplan IT practice exams. If you aren’t confident, don’t worry. These results will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to create your study plan.
Focus on the areas you need to improve over the next few weeks. Then, review the topics that you feel you are familiar with. After you have watched every SPOTO video, and tried every practice exam, you are done. You can return to this page and take one more exam.
Good luck!
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Get started training1. You are doing a Wireshark packet capture when you notice the following address being used on your system: What is the purpose of this address type?
It is used to send traffic among a group of receivers
It is used to send traffic directly to a receiver.
It is used to send traffic directly to the recipient.
It is used for sending traffic to all hosts in the network
Domain: Network Fundamentals
2. What type of IPv6 address are used by IPv6 routing protocols to determine the next-hop address
Explanation: A Cisco switch defaults to a 1 native VLAN. This VLAN does NOT receive an 802.1Q tag as other VLANs. This allows frames to pass over any link in switched infrastructure, regardless of whether VLAN trunking has been enabled or not.
Domain: LAN Switching Fundamentals

4. Which of these addresses is a valid layer 2 address?
Domain: Infrastructure Maintenance

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