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The arrival of Cisco’s new certification system has led to changes in all directions of Cisco, including CCIE security, not only the withdrawal of RS from the historical stage, but also the change of its name to EI.
It’s the change of the whole program that innovates Cisco’s six-year-old technology theory. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is the content of the whole program, which determines the direction of learning a technology in the future. It may also determine the direction of development in the future! From the official website of Cisco, the new CCIE security authentication technology, like EI, includes automation and programmability, which can help you expand your security solutions. CCIE security is still one of the most respected authentication technologies in the industry, which will make you a technology leader!
As before, to pass CCIE certification, you still need to pass two examinations. One is the written examination. Now the written examination has been changed into the implementation and operation of Cisco Security core technology. This examination focuses on the certifier’s understanding of the infrastructure of the data center, The CCIE experimental examination still lasted eight hours. The themes of 6.0 outline are 20% perimeter security and intrusion prevention, 20% secure connection and segmentation, 15% infrastructure security, 25% identity management, information exchange and access control, 20% advanced threat protection and content security. Open these outlines to see the contents and you know the added contents are all new products of Cisco’s latest research, for example, next generation firewall (NGFW), which is to understand the SSL check inside, user identity, geographic location! In the outline of Cisco 6.0, Cisco focuses on ISE, such as Cisco devices using ISE for management access, AAA using ISE for 802.1x and MAB network access, visitor lifecycle management using ISE and Cisco Wireless LAN controller, and identity mapping on ASA, ISE, WSA and FTD! So before the new version, you can get in-depth understanding of ISE in version 5.0 in advance, and accept it quickly in the new version! Advanced threat protection and content security are still the focus. Learn to use wireshark,tcpdump,span,ERSPAN and RSPAN to perform packet capture and analysis. Learn to use Cisco Umbrella’s DNS layer security, intelligent agent and user identification, and e-mail security! Finally, learn to use Cisco advanced threat solutions and their integration: Steelwatch, FMC, AMP, cognitive threat analysis, threat network, encrypted traffic analysis, WSA, SMA, CTR, etc! Remember that you can not only know about CCIE Security. You should be good at analyzing the security changes that have taken place in the network. Collecting security threat intelligence is the most important thing. Only when you find problems can you find corresponding solutions!
The most basic is often the most important. In infrastructure security, Cisco still attaches great importance to equipment hardening technology and control level protection method, management plane protection technology, data plane protection technology, VACL, DHCP, Snooping, Port Security, STP security, and the most commonly used wireless security technologies—WPA, WPA2, WPA3, AES from China. SNMP, NetFlow, SYSLOG, RMON in the monitoring protocol are also available in version 5.0. They are all involved in the courses of SPOTO. When you learn 5.0, you can understand them in advance and enter the 6.0 era, Maybe some basic knowledge has already been understood by the default certifier! It’s right to follow the leader to learn security, no matter it’s 5.0 or 6.0. Now the leader has begun to study the 6.0 version. Why not learn 5.0 well and look forward to 6.0? When the new version comes, I can still learn the new knowledge in 6.0. I think it’s the best thing. Whether it’s new or old, as long as you study hard, I believe CCIE’s number is not far away from you!
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