Both managers and team members must have communication skills to ensure success in any project. According to their statistics, 56% fail due to poor communication. This is true regardless of niche. Scope creep, which can impact as many as 45 per cent of all projects, is another common problem. This occurs when there isn’t enough communication between members. If everyone on a project group communicates openly, and ensures that everyone is on the same page, and that everyone agrees, 80% of projects are completed within budget and on time.
Project management is a more expensive expense. Poor communication can cost as much as $75million. Companies that communicate well spend 13% less per project.
As project managers, we can improve communication between members of the group by setting clear objectives, clarifying where necessary, and providing feedback. It is important to adapt your spoken and written communication style when working with project teams, especially when communicating high up.
A well-organized, formalized communication plan (download a comms planning template free here) will speed up the process. It will also help you prepare for anything. It makes it easier for managers to communicate with their employees.
Clear communication leads to higher success rates. Clearer communication will be achieved by project managers who are proactive in communicating information, listening to feedback, and recognizing the importance of open lines of communication between all stakeholders in an organization’s projects.
Updated 2021