November 11, 2021. IT specialists are constantly changing with the world. This is why many want to stay current and have the right skills for their jobs. Most companies that offer certification programs help professionals to improve their skills and experience. The vendor should consider whether the certifications offered by an organization include the possibility of recertification after a set period of time.
This is a good sign for potential candidates as they can be certain that the skills they gain will be applicable to current industry changes. It is not surprising that popular companies like IBM and CompTIA are undergoing changes that will impact 2022. Let’s take a closer view of the changes taking place right now.
First, it is important that you mention that there have been some changes in the CompTIA Network+ certification path. The vendor has decided to replace the N10-007 exam with the CompTIA N10-008. This will allow you to gain new knowledge and validate the skills required to maintain essential networks that businesses rely on. The old version will still be available until June 2022. The new test will be the only option for the three years ahead.
CompTIA Cloud+ certification will be available to individuals who are planning to apply for it. There will be some changes. The CV0-002 test will end on January 7, 2022. You will no longer be able to take this qualification exam. Students who wish to become certified can take the CV0-003 exam, which is more relevant to modern technologies.
CompTIA Server+ will be renewed in January2022. CompTIA SK0-004 will be replaced completely by CompTIA SK0-005. There are also some changes to the recommended experience that you should be aware of. It is necessary that you have at minimum 2 years experience in the field.
CompTIA PenTest+ certification will be replacing the PT0-001 exam. The vendor will provide the updated version to all interested candidates. It is now known as CompTIAPT0-002. Candidates can choose this option starting October 28, 2021 to show that they have the knowledge to plan and scope an engagement in penetration testing.
The CompTIA CASP+ certificate will also be changing. On April 5, 2022, the old version of the test (CAS-003) will be discontinued and replaced by CompTIA CAS004. This exam demonstrates that you have the skills to design, implement, and integrate secure solutions in complex environments.
IBM is another company that plans to retire some of its exams.