Are you interested in learning more about CompTIA Security+ Continuing Education Units, (CEU)? This article is for you if so. We will also share with you a summary of CompTIA Security+ CEU Resources. The CompTIA Continuing Education Program is available here.
Global communication is a global phenomenon. Servers, mobile devices, networks, and mobile devices play an important role in this age of computers. This has allowed enterprises to operate from all parts of the world. This makes it crucial for enterprises to focus on bringing in best practices that can protect their networks, computing devices, systems, and networks.
Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), is one of the most respected tech associations in the world. They offer a wide variety of training and certification programs. They offer certifications in IT, cybersecurity and software testing.
CompTIA Security+ Certification
CompTIA offers many interesting certifications in Cybersecurity. There are many certifications, such as PenTest+. There are also many generic certifications, such as Security+, that cover broader functions in the field. This post will be about CompTIA Security+ certification.

CompTIA Security+ certification is internationally recognized. It validates the essential skills required for professionals to perform core security functions. Security is a growing field that has many job opportunities. This allows them to learn additional skills in cybersecurity.
Security+ covers core technical skills such as incident response, risk assessment, risk management, and forensics. It also includes security controls to ensure high-performance on the job.

Your Security+ certification confirms that you have mastered practical security problem-solving skills, based on global best practices. These skills will enable you to:
Assess the security situation of an organization and suggest and enforce appropriate security solutions
Monitor and secure hybrid environments including mobile, cloud, and IoT
Operate with a working knowledge of applicable laws and policies, including principles and practices of governance, risk management, and compliance
Identify, assess and respond to security incidents

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CompTIA Continuing Education Program
Like other internationally recognized certifications. CompTIA certifications have a renewal requirement. CompTIA Continuing Education Program outlines the renewal requirements.
CompTIA offers a continuing education course that meets the needs of certification holders. It validates their expertise and keeps them up to date. The renewal of the certification allows its holders to maximize their return-on-investment in terms both of time and financial resources. Professionals must spend time and pay fees to renew their certifications.
We also covered CompTIA requirements in a previous article. This article is about CompTIA Security+ certification renewal. We have covered CompTIA CEU requirements and fees.

CompTIA’s Continuing Education Program helps you keep your skills current and validate your knowledge. You can maximize your return on investment by renewing your certification.
Security+ Certification Renewal Requirements
You must earn 50 CUs within the three-year period of CompTIA Security+ Certification renewal to meet the renewal criteria. CompTIA Security+ CEU requirements are completed. You will need to pay the renewal fee in order to renew your CompTIA Security+ certification.