The IT sector has seen a rapid increase in market demand for Docker Certified Associates. Rising demand has been driven by Docker’s use in enterprises. The Docker container has revolutionized the way software conveyance is done.
Docker, however, is a DevOps tool that makes it easy to deploy and execute applications. Docker not only improves performance, but also reduces the size of the application. Docker is quickly becoming a key component of many other DevOps toolchains. DevOps professionals apply for the highest level DevOps certifications to ensure they are in a good job.
Docker Certification means you have to pass the Docker Certified Associate exam (DCA) and earn a reputation for your Docker skills. The innovation of Docker container has revolutionized software conveyance. The certification allows candidates to verify their abilities in Docker’s various features. This certification will also improve the candidate’s technical skills in Docker installation and configuration. Candidates must be skilled in orchestration, imaging and networking as well as security.
Docker Certified Associate Exam Objectives
If they are preparing to take the Docker Certified Associate exam, the candidate must go through the learning objectives. Here are the learning objectives for the Docker Certified Associate exam:
Orchestration 25%
Image Creation, Management, and Registration 20%
Installation and Configuration 15%
Networking 15%
Security 15%
Storage and Volumes 10%
Learning Path
Docker Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that validate technical knowledge. Our certifications recognize technical skills using the Docker platform. There are two types of certifications that Docker offers: The Docker Certified Associate, Docker and Containers Commands and the Docker Certified Associate are the two main certifications offered by Docker.
You can still view all exam information on our tutorial page. You can find all information about the Docker Certified Associate certification exam here.
Study GuideDocker Certified Associate Exam
These are the preparation steps that are required to pass the Docker Certified Associate exam. We have created a study guide to help you pass the certification with flying colors. We have provided a detailed study guide that is the best methodical approach to preparation. The below illustration shows the path to success.
Docker Official Website
Visit the Docker official site is a crucial step in preparing for the exam to become a Docker Certified Associate. The official website has a lot of reliable information that can be very helpful in preparing for exam preparation. You can find resources like the Docker Certified Associate exam guide and whitepapers, documentation, FAQs, and documentation. All such important information can be found on the official site.
Docker Training
A candidate can also choose to train with Docker. Every exam is covered by the Docker training programs. The training programs for each exam include all details such as exam description, intended audience and delivery method. To become a Docker Certified Associate, the candidate should enroll in a training program.
Docker Fundamentals
Secondly, Docker for Enterprise Developers
Docker Security Course
Read more about Books
Your next step in your preparatory book should also include reading books. Books are your old school friend! Docker allows you to read books. You will still benefit from the knowledge of related books. These are some books you might like to read.
Nigel Poulton’s Docker Deep Dive book.
James Turnbull’s The Docker Book: Containerization, the new virtualization
Books are a great source of information.