October 30, 2019, Microsoft is present in almost all work environments. Microsoft Server has been an industry standard since its inception, and almost all devices that run on it are compatible with it. This shows how valuable Microsoft can still be in the IT field. The company created a certification program that offers different levels of certification for different technologies.
It is the associate level in the Microsoft program. It allows candidates to specialize in technologies such as SQL, Windows Server and MicrosoftDynamics. This blog post will discuss the details of this certificate level.
What is the MCSA certification path?
MCSA, or Microsoft CertifiedSolutions Associate is a Microsoft certification program. It is designed to validate and measure the product knowledge of entry-level IT professionals. MCSA validates the skills and knowledge acquired by students during their first year of work experience.
The Microsoft MCSAcertificate is a certification that IT professionals can earn. This allows them to announce their experience in a consistent and industry-approved manner. Employers can hire certified MCSA professionals confident that they have the knowledge and skills to manage Microsoft products.
Microsoft CertifiedSolutions Associate is the second-level certification path. TheMicrosoft certifications are structured in a pyramid structure where each level leads the candidates to higher, more specialized and complex-level credentials. They are designed to help individuals build a foundation of knowledge, particularly with Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). Microsoft Certified SolutionsDeveloper is an entry-level certification track similar to MCSA but it is for Microsoft developers. Microsoft CertifiedSolutions Expert is the highest level of Microsoft’s program.
How do you get MCSA certification?
Microsoft recommends that you have at least one year of experience in technology before you can take the MCSA certification exam. It is crucial that IT professionals obtain MCSA credentials that are in line with their job responsibilities and roles. There are no prerequisites to take an associate-level exam. For the IT specialists with less than a year ofworking experience with technology, the foundational MTA (Microsoft TechnologyAssociation) certificate can be the most appropriate place to start theirjourney. There are also 10 MCSA certifications which are mostly compatible with Microsoft products and services.
Each MCSA credential requires