You must ensure that your team passes their exams before you search for the lowest technical acceptable price to meet DoD 8570 certification requirements. You could be charged more for retakes or additional training to remain compliant. Don’t risk it. Take a 2nd chance exam for free with NHDoD Test Pass Assurance. (TPA).
What is NHDoD Test Pass Assurance (NHDoD Test Pass Assurance)?
Simply put, if a candidate fails the certification exam on the first attempt, they can get a free second shot exam.
What are the requirements for Test Pass Assurance?
The candidate must:
Two weeks before class, students receive a Practice Exam. Students are required to take the exam and submit the results. They are then required to take the exam and provide the results. The minimum score must be achieved while in Certification Mode. Students are required to send a screen shot of their computer while using Transcender to show the required score to their Account Representative. Take a Practice Exam immediately after attending a New Horizons Learning Group or private session Security+ class. Take the exam within 90 day. For more information, contact your local representative. For more information, please contact your local representative. Test Pass Guarantee: If you have read the courseware, completed Transcender tests, and scored 3 x 90% or higher, we will honor your secondary exam voucher. Study plan developed by instructor based on student’s weaknesses.FAQs – 8570 Certification Examinations
It can be difficult to understand the 8570 requirements. Click here to learn more about DoD Directive 8570 certification requirements.
After you have decided on the right certification and exam for you, you may have questions about how to study and pass it. Here are some common questions regarding 8570 certification exams.
Can I retake the exam if I fail 8570 certification?
Yes. Yes. Components must support at most one retest attempt. However, they may limit the number of additional tests they will fund.
You should ensure that you are prepared to take the exam and pass it the first time. A good training course can help you achieve this goal.
An individual can take a second test at their own expense if the Component limits the number of retest attempts. If they are certified, they will be able to fill an IAT/IAM position (assuming that they have met the other requirements like background investigation, OJT etc.). DoD 8570.01M Manual states that after CY 2010, a DoD military or civilian employee who has not completed the requirements or certifications is not authorized to fill an IAT/IAM billet (2011 for IASAE and CND SP).
Is it necessary to train in order to achieve 8570 certification?
To sit for a certification, you don’t have to complete a training course. You will need to show that you are ready to take the exam. The DoD strongly recommends that you receive specialist exam preparation training.
DoD Directive 8570.01-M and DoD Directive 8570.01M do not require you to undergo any training to prepare for the certification exam. You should be able demonstrate your ability to pass the test, such as passing a pre-test or assessment exam.
Your IAM may require you to take a pre-exam, or something similar, in order to prove your readiness for certification. Your IAM may not authorize you to request the exam voucher unless you can prove your readiness to take the certification exam.
Can DoD use appropriated funds to allow military personnel or civilians to take commercial certification exams
Yes. Yes. The FY06 DoD Appropriations bill gives uniformed personnel parity to civilians.
Who can I contact for more information?
For training classes, see IAM, IAT or contact your NHDoD specialist listed at