My boss recently said, “I’m retiring within a few months.” Managers are often replaced by new employees, promotions, retirements, or new positions outside of the company. He has been a great manager for the past few decades.
It made me think about what to do when your manager changes. There are many things to consider when you meet your new boss. Based on my experience, I will share 7 things to think about when you meet a new boss.

1. Introduce yourself
2. Introduce the new boss to your team
3. These are Google them
4. Describe your current projects
5. Describe your view on the team
6. Ask them what they want from you
7. Be easy to work alongside
Next steps

1. Introduce yourself
You just got a new boss. Although it sounds obvious, if your new boss is managing a large team, they might not have the time to meet with everyone in person for introductions. You can take the initiative and introduce yourself.
It’s easy to do this — don’t be embarrassed or anxious about making a good impression. You can simply drop by their office to say hello. It doesn’t take up too much of their time.
This can be done regardless of how high-ranking your boss is. Let’s suppose they are a few levels below you in the hierarchy. While you don’t want your message to be too obvious, it’s okay to stop by and say hello. Just wanted to say hello and welcome at Our Company
They will say hello and ask you questions about your work. Answer and then tell them, “I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so let me get back to what I was doing.” It’s nice to meet you.” Then, go. That’s it.
Download my 28 small talk conversation starters to help you make small talk with a new person in professional situations.
Click to download the small talk conversation starters to help you network. If you work virtually, it can be harder to meet people and just ‘popping around’. Send them a calendar invitation for 10 minutes with the subject line “Team intro: Your name” and see if you get accepted. If they are your line manger, they will have to accept (and you can ask for longer than 10 minutes).
2. Introduce the new boss to your team
Even for senior managers, it can be difficult to start work in a new organization. Make sure they make connections and get to know the key people in your company. You don’t need to engineer meetings. However, if they ask you about something, say “Have so and so met from Department X?” They would normally be the main contact for that.” If they are open to the conversation, you can offer to introduce yourself.
If they have an assistant, they will usually do the intros for them. If they bring their assistant from another company, you can offer to help them make connections and get to know who does what.
3. These are Google them
They’ll be expecting it, so don’t worry.
They will likely Google you, especially if your name is a key player on their new team.
You should make sure that your search results highlight something you are proud to be a part of. To showcase your project management skills, update your LinkedIn profile and see if you get any recommendations. You can add your projects to LinkedIn so that they can see what else you have done.
Ask your boss to recommend you on LinkedIn before they go! It’s okay to ask for recommendations. If it seems easier, ask them for a recommendation first and then inquire if they will return the favor.
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