October 2015 is just like any other month, except that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security officially designated it National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It has been a great month so far. The damage caused by a multitude of large breaches has been a challenge for information technology professionals, cybersecurity experts, and public relations officers at several high-profile companies.
Experian has announced a breach in October that may have exposed personal information of 15,000,000 T-Mobile customers and potential clients; Scottrade, a discount financial brokerage, revealed that approximately 4.6 Million customers’ contact information may have been compromised by hackers; Dow Jones (publisher of The Wall Street Journal) sent a letter to customers, informing them that credit card data for approximately 3,500 people may have been stolen; and Donald Trump’s Hotel company disclosed that malware may have led to stolen payment card data.
Life is a challenge
Professional IT workers are well-aware of the cyber risks that exist in today’s connected world, as there are constant reminders from reports of hack attacks. No matter how large or well-respected the company, it is important to keep your workplace’s defenses up-to-date and optimized. While workers in other departments than computer technology don’t think about the possibility of their company being hacked every day, chief information officers worry about the possibility of a devastating cyberattack.
According to McAfee’s June 2014 study, cyberattacks take an estimated $400 billion annually from the global economy. Much depends on IT professionals’ ability and willingness to protect companyassets. CIOs are the ones most affected by any failure to do so.
Cyber threats are increasing the demand for cybersecurity talent. There is a silver lining: IT security training
A recent study by Burning Glass Technologies Research revealed that cyberthreats are increasing in number and there is a growing demand for IT security professionals who can defend against them. It is now the right time to learn more about the art of technology wizardry, whether you are a seasoned IT professional or a novice computer science guru. This can be done by acquiring the right credentials, such as CCNA certification, CCSP certificate, CompTIA security cert, Cisco security cert, and any other form of network security certification.
DHS emphasizes the importance to mitigate risks in the digital age. However, National Cyber Security Awareness Month can be celebrated in the most appropriate manner: By joining the fight against data thieves and cybercriminals. There is no better place than this, and there is no better time than right now.
Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month!
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