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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston
Have you ever thought, “There must be a simpler way to do this?” It is easy to work with this team, and all the stakeholders involved in this project. There is a better way. Your curiosity could be the catalyst to change. Samuel Johnson said that curiosity, in generous minds, is the first passion, and the last. This is my guest today. Listen to today’s podcast and learn why curiosity is important, and how to cultivate it to become a better manager of people and projects.
Ben Aston
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Ben Aston
Today Dr. Diane Hamilton joins us. She is the founder of Tonerra and Dima Innovations. These are media-based business and media-based consulting. She is a syndicated radio host, keynote speaker and former Forbes School of Business MBA Chair. Cracking the Curiosity Code is one of her books. Her curiosity work helps organizations increase innovation and engagement. Diane, thank you! We are so glad that you were able to join us today.
Dr. Diane Hamilton
It’s great to be invited. I love curiosity. Thanks.
Ben Aston
Well, yes. Diane has written an excellent blog post about cultivating curiosity within your company, with many examples of how it can transform corporate cultures. I’m not going to spoil the story shared in the post, but you can check it out at Sammy Johnson stated that you are passionate about curiosity. It’s fascinating to me that you were initially interested when you began exploring it.
Dr. Diane Hamilton
People have often asked me how I got to where I am today. I have always been curious and, until I started my radio station and started interviewing billionaires, I didn’t really think about it. It’s easy for me to name every person who has appeared on my show. They are all very curious. I was curious to see how they differed from other students who had taken my courses. Some students are extremely curious while others are average. They wanted you to show them how it was done, rather than letting their curiosity take over. I was intrigued by what makes people curious, and what might slow it. I began writing a book about curiosity and realized that there was no way of measuring or determining the things that keep us curious. There wasn’t one instrument that could do this. This led me to create Curiosity Index Index. I wanted to find out what hinders us being curious.
Ben Aston
All right. Let’s move on.