Is it difficult to crack a Project Management interview.

Interviews for project manager jobs can be stressful. As you may have noticed, it can be stressful to interview for a job as a project manager. It is not unusual to not be asked questions like “What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?” ‘,?Where do you see yourself in five years?’ Or ‘tell us something about yourself’
A job interview for project management requires specific responses. This is the key to your success. This is project management. Does this mean one cannot anticipate interview questions for project manager? No!
You will need to understand the skills required for project managers in order to pass the interview.
What are the main skills a recruiter is looking for?
Project management is a complex job that requires many skills. However, there are certain skills that are more important than others.
PMI states that project managers are organized, passionate, and goal-oriented and understand the commonalities of projects and their strategic role in ensuring organizations succeed, learn, and change.
Six core skills are required for project managers based on the above:

Time management

Risk Management

Domain Knowledge

Decision Making

Change management

These skills are not the only thing that recruiters look for in project managers.
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The top interview questions for project managers are focused on the skills required to do the job well.
Questions and answers for a sample interview:
1. What is the value of delegation in project management?
The interviewer is asking if you believe in sharing responsibilities with your team members and empowering them. Or ‘Are your values based on sharing responsibilities and empowering your team members’? This question will give you insight into your leadership style.
No matter how you frame it, you must indicate that delegation is important. You can also give reasons why you believe so. It could be about efficiency. It can also be about how it encourages team members and motivates them to get involved in the project.
Be prepared to answer questions about delegation and tracking delegated tasks.
2. What do you consider the most important skill for a project manager?
This is one of the most important interview questions for project managers. It can make or break your chances of getting the job. The interviewer will use your response to determine if you are a good fit for the culture. It can also be used to show what your priorities are when managing a project.
Although the skill that is most important to you might be different from yours, there are some traits that a great response should possess.
Recognize the importance of project management skills, but only focus on one skill. Do not list more than one skill. If that is what you were asked, he would have said “What are the most important skills of a project manager?” It was not ‘the most important skill’.
Imagine that you can only answer one question, such as “Time Management skills” or “Leadership skills”. What do you think the next question will ask? The obvious answer is ‘why do it matter?’ They don’t need to bother. Your answers should be supported with well-constructed reasons. You can also quote your past experiences.
3. How can you manage changes to your projects?
Heraclitus: “Only one thing that is constant in life is change.”
Projects are constantly changing and evolving in most cases. In fact, projects are constantly changing and evolving.