It is essential to understand the basics of project management in order to achieve project success.
These are the foundations for a good approach to project management.
This is not about PM methodologies.
It’s all about mindset or a very high level approach.
All it takes is this:
You can achieve results within the constraints
One critical question must be asked when you think of a “project”.
What is the purpose of the project?
A goal is the first of all project management basics.
Clear goals are the key to project success.
Here’s the next:
Choose the right tools for your goal
The next basic concept in project management is as follows:
You need to choose processes, tools, or techniques that are appropriate for the project.
Here’s where the problem lies.
Many organizations work on projects. Projects are by definition unique.
They have specific experience and success stories. They continue to do the same things that worked in previous projects.
You will have a customized project management method at the end.
It gives average results for most projects that the organization undertakes.
This means that it is suitable for certain projects. It can be detrimental to other projects.
Always adapt your project management approach to meet the goals and needs of the project.
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Every project has an ending. Even if it seems like years in the making.
There is a deadline.
Many productivity systems have a deadline as a key concept.
You might have unlimited money and resources. It is important to complete a project as quickly as possible, even if you have unlimited resources and money.
Or maybe you have a date in mind.
It doesn’t matter.
You must set a deadline if you don’t have one.
At the minimum, to combat Parkinson’s disease
The work expands to fill the time that is available.
This results in the following:
Criteria for Project Success
This is the most important aspect of project management.
(Especially for entry-level managers of projects.)
Project goals can be negotiated.
It is not possible to achieve project success with one point. It’s a range acceptable results.
Even if the contract is the most restrictive.
It can be changed.
Here’s the truth:
Building relationships is an important aspect of project management. Ethics and professionalism are the foundations of project management.
It might seem that project management is bureaucratic.
There are Project Charters, signed Project Scope Statements and Project Management Plans. Contracts, etc.
It might feel like everyone is trying to cover their backs.
Here’s the truth:
People, businesses, and governments do not start projects with the intention of suing you.
They want to see the results. They want to achieve the goals that will drive their cause or business.
They want to see you complete the project within acceptable limits.
One dedicated person who takes responsibility
They need you, a project manager. It is the heart of PM Basics.
The project goal must be achieved by someone.
Feel the difference
If something goes wrong, it’s not your fault.
It doesn’t help you to achieve any goals.
Project management requires someone who feels responsible for the project.
It should be the same as the responsibility of the business owner who initiated the project. Sponsors who pay for it.
It’s not about taking responsibility. It’s about feeling the desire to reach the goal.
The Process of Project Management Basics
The project management process is key to implementing all the concepts I have described.
These five components are essential:
1. Why do You Need Project Initiation?
“If one doesn’t know to which port one’s sailing, no wind will be favorable.” – SenecaWe begin a project by identifying our goal.
It is important to understand why money is allocated.