This report will compare task management software and project management software. It will help you decide which tool is best for your business.
Task management and project management are not the same thing. In fact, they are both part of one another. This report will help you determine which software product is best suited to your needs.
What is project management software?
Project management software allows you to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor projects in order to meet predefined business goals. It allows users to manage stakeholder communication, plan and control project budgets, assign tasks and track deadlines.
Project managers who work on product development, software, event management, marketing projects, and other tasks, use the software most often.
What is task management software?
Software for task management helps individuals and teams manage and organize their daily tasks. It allows users to create tasks and track their progress. Users can also collaborate with colleagues on projects.
The software is used by project managers and team managers to organize tasks based on priority, schedule workflows for individual contributors and create progress reports on all tasks.
What do they share in common?
Both task management tools and project management tools allow for task management and progress reporting. Project managers work at the task level. This means that they break down larger projects into smaller tasks. This can be done with task management software.
Project management software is suited for projects with multiple interdependent tasks. This means that the project can’t move forward unless all tasks are completed in the specified order.
Software for project management
Software for task management
Which tool is right?
A task management solution is best if your daily workflow includes tasks that are not part a project. A project management solution is better if you are involved in projects with multiple stakeholders and dependent tasks.
Once you have a clear idea of the software you want, you can head to our task management and project management software category pages. There you will find a sortable listing of products, user reviews, and comprehensive buyers guides.
You can narrow your search to the most rated and popular products. Capterra’s Shortlist reports provide a list of the top task management software and project management software tools. Our reports are based upon thousands of user reviews.
18 top-rated task and project management software
These 18 products are listed alphabetically and are among the best in both software categories.
4.7/5Number Of Reviews: 1,179Read user reviewsAsana
4.4/5Number Of Reviews: 10,025Read user reviewsBasecamp
4.3/5Number reviews: 13,225Read user commentsClickUp
4.7/5Number reviews: 2,304Read user commentsForecast
4.5/5Number Of Reviews: 53Read user reviewsGoodDay
4.7/5Number Of Reviews: 100Read user reviewsHive
4.5/5Number Of Reviews: 145Read user reviewsHygger
4.6/5Number reviews: 120Read user reviewsJira
4.4/5Number Of Reviews: 10,880Read user
4.6/5Number Of Reviews: 2,453Read user reviewsNotion
4.7/5Number reviews: 405Read user commentsOmniFocus
4.6/5Number Of Reviews: 60Read user reviewsPodio
4.3/5Number Of Reviews: 284Read user reviewsQuire
4.7/5Number Of Reviews: 107Read user reviewsSmartsheet
4.5/5Number Of Reviews: 2,175Read user reviewsTrello
4.5/5Number Of Reviews: 20,084Read user reviewsTrello
4.5/5Number Of Reviews: 20,084Read user reviewsWorkfront
4.3/5Number Of Reviews: 1,045Read user reviewsWrike
4.2/5Number Of Reviews: 1,685Read user comments