SAP Application Development
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SAP Composite Application Platform is an application platform and runtime for SAP Web Application Server and SAP NWDS. This framework is used for creating, deploying and testing web services applications by integrating them with the SAP architecture. As a web services provider, you can use SAP Platform for your own web service portals as well as for development of applications for SAP customers. SAP is offering this framework for its customers because of its great benefits and scalability features that allow it to offer a complete solution for their SAP web application development needs.
SAP Solutions
SAP provides two types of solutions – application platforms and web solutions. As a web solutions provider, SAP can help you develop applications for your clients and integrate it with SAP architecture. SAP is offering its framework to make it easier for web services providers to develop, deploy and test web services for SAP customers.
SAP offers a number of solutions for web development
The SAP application framework is easy to implement with the help of SAP technologies. SAP offers a number of tools that make it easier for users to create applications for customers making it easy to maintain system monitoring in SAP. With SAP framework, you can easily create web solutions for SAP customers.
SAP also provides application integration tools for developers who are willing to use it for their applications. With these tools, you can integrate your SAP web services into your application. It is the perfect integration solution for your SAP web services development. You can get the latest SAP technology at a low cost and develop applications based on your company’s application architecture.
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Security Features
SAP provides web services with rich security features. These features include application authentication, cross-functional integration, access control and data isolation. The framework makes it easy for the developers to integrate the SAP web services framework into your web application development. SAP also provides comprehensive security features for its application and helps you to implement security into your web application development.
SAP also provides a robust reporting platform. It provides the developers with a reporting tool that allows them to report data from SAP and use the reports to customize the reports. The reporting and customization tools make it easy for the developers to customize the reports and use the reports for reporting needs.
SAP also provides the latest SAP application development technologies such as:
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