Do you want to validate your skills through professional certifications? Are you interested in becoming a Certified DevOps Foundation Professional (CDP)? The Study Guide will guide you through the required exam details and provide you with all the resources you need to prepare for the exam. It also includes all the advanced learning resources that will make your preparations easier. This guide will enhance your knowledge and increase your learning. Before you embark on any adventure, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are getting into. Let’s now look at the details of the exam.
What is DevOps Foundation and how can it help you?
DevOps Foundation certification exam offers a freestanding certification through DevOps Institute. This certification is intended to validate and test knowledge of DevOps principles, vocabulary, and practices. The DevOps Foundation certification is designed to provide individuals with a basic understanding of DevOps concepts. It also demonstrates how DevOps can be used to improve collaboration, communication, and integration between software developers as well as IT operations professionals. The DevOps Foundation exam is administered and accredited under the strict guidelines and standards of DevOps Institute.
Target Audience: DevOps Foundation
The DevOps Foundation targets Management, Operations, Developers, and Testing professionals.
First, IT professionals involved in IT development, IT operation, or IT service management
Individuals who need to understand DevOps principles
IT professionals who are working in, or about to enter, an agile service design environment
Eligibility for Examination
DevOps Institute recommends the following to prepare for the exam.
Candidates should complete 16 contact hours (instructional and labs) as part a formal, approved training course offered by an Education Partner of DevOps Institute.
Badges for the DevOps Foundation
DevOps Foundation offers digital badges to help build a visible portfolio that validates certificates and credentials that demonstrate your professional network that your skills are proven and that you have the most current industry knowledge and DevOps expertise.
After we have completed the exam, it is time to dive into the study guide and begin preparation for the exam.
Study Guide for DevOps Foundation
It takes hard work to prepare for an exam like DevOps Foundation(r). This certification can make a huge difference in your career prospects. It is crucial to get started with your preparations and be familiar with all DevOps Foundation study materials and preparatory resources. We have summarized all preparatory resources and created a study guide for you. To pass the exam with flying colors, follow the guide.
Step 1 – Gain insight into the Exam Objectives
The course domains serve as a guideline for the exam. The syllabus of the exam should be understood. Before you begin your preparations, make sure to check the official website of DevOps Institute. To score higher in the exam, you must be as clear as possible about the exam course and concepts. These are the exam objectives covered in the DevOps Foundation syllabus:
DevOps vocabulary and objectives
Benefits for the business and IT
Principles and practices that include Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and testing, security, as well as the Three Ways
Relationship between DevOps and Agile, Lean, and ITSM
Improved workflows, communication, feedback loops
Automation practices include deployment pipelines and DevOps toolschains
Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise
Key success factors and key performance indicators
Real-life examples and real-life results
Step 2 – Refer DevOps Foundation (r) Study Guide
To pass the DevOps Foundation(r), exam, you must visit the official DevOps website. You can find out more about the DevOps Foundation(r) exam.