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This is the moment I have been waiting for…
I wrote a brand new book!
It’s called Managing Multiple Programs: How Project Managers Balance Priorities, Manage Expectations, and Increase Productivity
It’s not just any book.
I wanted to write a book that would help busy project managers like you manage their work and still get to the office on time.
I understand what it’s like to not have the time or the headspace to think about ways to make things better. Even if you are frustrated, there must be a better method.
Do you feel the exact same? This book is sure to be a favorite on your shelves.
It may be my best work, but I am biased.
Don’t take it from me! These are the comments of people who were able to get a sneak peak at the manuscript.
This book is for you if you’re working on multiple projects and want to be more productive and less stressed. Project professionals face many challenges in this ever-more project-oriented world. There are portfolios, programs, multiple projects and tasks, as well as contracts and contracts. This can make it difficult to manage stress and keep your head above water. Elizabeth has provided practical, readable and knowledgeable advice to help overcome these challenges. She is one of the most creative project managers I know.
David L. Pells HonFAPM, PMI Fellow editor, PM World Journal “In a world where everyone has to manage multiple tasks, priorities, and projects, this book will be a valuable and needed resource.” It combines practical and adaptable coaching that can be used to support managers in their multi-project careers.
Professor Darren Dalcher, Director of the National Centre for Project Management, Lancaster University Management SchoolGet your copy
The book Managing Multiple Projects: How Project managers Can Balance Priorities and Manage Expectations to Increase Productivity is a comprehensive guide that will help you manage your workload while still leaving the office on-time.
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The 5-step framework
The 5-step framework for managing multiple projects is Managing Multiple Projects. It teaches you how to manage all your work while still leaving the office on-time.
Learn how to:
Understand your individual workload
Combine project schedules
Multi-program engagement: Engage stakeholders
Effectively manage your time (and the time of others).
You can influence the project environment to ensure success.

It is filled with proven techniques and tips from project managers who have learned to manage their workload.
Personally, I am a little wary of products that claim to be “5-steps towards XYZ”, as it is not that simple.
It’s not. It’s hard to manage multiple projects. There are many moving parts. What works for one project leader may not work for another. So I can’t promise easy solutions.
I can assure you that you will be able to take the framework and apply it, customize it, and use the concepts. This will help you to develop the skills, techniques, and processes necessary for all your work (even those at the bottom of your To Do List).
You can pre-order your copy if this sounds like an opportunity to learn that is too good to pass up.
Pre-launch bonuses!
If you pre-order a copy of the book before 3 May 2022 and send me your receipt (crop any details you don’t want me see – it’s only proof of purchase), then you will receive:
Invite to a Q&A session with me
Conversation prompts for workload discussions (perfect to help you say ‘no!’ and get more work!
Take 45% off my Managing Multiple Projects course (value $61)

(Do you have the book to help your team? Pre-order 10 copies of the book and I’ll host a private mentoring session for your group/department. You can ask any questions!