An SOC Analyst is a cybersecurity expert who works in a team to monitor, combat and mitigate attacks on an organization’s IT infrastructure. They also examine security systems and procedures for potential flaws and enhancements. The SOC is the Security Operations Center. This is the name of the team that is composed of many analysts and security professionals who often work in one location.

SOC Analysts have the following responsibilities:
Analysis of vulnerability and threats
Analyzing, documenting and reporting on all aspects information security (InfoSec), including emerging trends
Analyse and response to previously unknown software and hardware vulnerabilities
Designing disaster recovery plans
The SOC is the organization responsible for detecting, containing and mitigating cyberattacks within the company. The SOC’s Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM), is the primary tool used by Tier 1 through Tier 3. InfosecTrain is the best option if you’re interested in taking the SOC Analyst certification. Why? These are the key takeaways from our course.
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Domain 1: Introduction of SOCDomain2: Digital ForensicsDomain3: Incident ResponseDomain4: Threat Intelligence
InfosecTrain offers training for SOC analysts
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