Hacker’s are not a problem that only a small percentage of the population must deal with. Hackers are a real threat that both countries as well as companies need to combat. It is crucial to recognize why hackers are so successful in order to combat them. Let’s take a look at the reasons hackers have the upper hand.
1. Society hasn’t had the time to adapt
Although technology has been a major driver for cultural change in the past, the internet revolution has changed the face of technology. This development has not only changed the way that almost every part of society functions but it has also exploded onto the international stage at an alarmingly rapid pace.
“The internet revolution has changed the world.”
The internet has evolved from a tool used by a small percentage of the population to one that is widely used by almost every industry and business in the world. It has been around 25 years since its birth. This has brought many great benefits to people, but it also means that companies and nations haven’t had enough time for adequate defense.
Yahoo! published a recent interview. Yahoo! Finance posted a recent interview in which David Petraeus, ex-CIA director, discussed cyberattacks and the development of nuclear weapons. These technologies were only available to Russia and the United States for a long time. This led to a terrifying cold war but it also allowed for gradual policy changes that made the world a better place. The idea of nuclear war was accepted by society, and nations were able create strategies and defenses against it.
Cyberattacks are a different story. They can be directed against entire countries or single businesses. IT professionals can recall a time when the idea of an average person owning a personal computer at their home was absurd. This idea was quickly realized by companies, who were quick to put their services online to make more money. They were also met with hacking attempts that continue to this day.
One hacker can adapt to modern technology faster than an entire society or company.
2. Hackers need to be successful once
Similar to the previous point, modern businesses must always be on guard. Hackers are not like the enemies of yesterday. Hackers can attack anywhere and at any time, for any reason. They can also fail. Hackers can fail, but they can always move on to the next victim.
Hackers don’t have much to lose, unless they get caught, which is rare. The criminal can just shrug off a phishing attack on a company or close a vulnerability before he can exploit it.
Unfortunately, companies don’t have this luxury. A company’s cybersecurity team must be constantly looking for weak points and closing them down before they are discovered. A hacker can easily take over an entire company’s IT infrastructure by making a single mistake. It’s a terrifying thought that modern companies must deal with every day.
3. There aren’t enough good guys
The world needs cybersecurity professionals who are willing to take on criminals who exploit weak defenses for their own gain. These professionals are well-paid because they have to succeed every single time. Despite this, there aren’t enough of them to go around.
Both the government and private sectors are in desperate need of cybersecurity talent. Cybersecurity Ventures conducted a study and predicted that the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs would reach 1.5 million by 2019. This is a frightening prospect, but it’s also a sign that hackers will be more accessible. However, this shortage shows that anyone who is interested in this field has a bright future.
Although it is not an easy field, cybersecurity can be extremely rewarding both financially and morally. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers offers a variety of courses for IT professionals interested in a career as a digital security professional.