Software for project management in government helps public agencies track tasks and budgets.
It can be difficult to find the right project management software. There are many options available, making it difficult to find the right product for your company. This problem is not unique to government users. How can you choose the best option? This article will highlight top-rated project management software that is trusted by real users in government agencies.
What features are offered by project management tools?
The core features of project management tools include:
All products in this report include the core characteristics mentioned above.
These core features aside, project management tools often offer common features such as:
What we cover for each product
We cover the following for each product:
What have users thought of the featured products in relation to different aspects?
To find out how users feel about these products, we analyzed 669 reviews for all products.
What are the opinions of users about the products?
We have included review excerpts from each of our featured products’ trailing years.
What is the price of the products?
The pricing models generally include one of the following: usage based, flat rate, per user or per feature. Most of the time, the payment frequency can be either one-time, per year or per month.
The features required, training or support required, and customization requested can all impact the price of a product. Talk to the vendor if you find a product that suits your needs.
Are these products a good fit?
Some tools are designed for large enterprises while others are perfect for small and mid-sized businesses. To help you choose the right product for your company, it is important to know the average user base for these five products. Reviewers can also come from different industries. A large number of reviewers will be from one industry. This means that the product may not be as popular in other industries. If the product is well-suited for all industries, it is possible that the reviewers are distributed across different industries.
Five top-rated software for managing government projects (listed alphabetically).
*Analysis correct as of September 2021Examples from the most positive reviews about Airtable
“It is the best database system I have ever used. It is super easy to use and flexible! It allows you to organize, input, and view your data in many different ways. I wish all software were as easy to learn, customize, and use. It’s the perfect combination of Excel, Google Photos and Google Docs.
“1. “1. 2. Color coding,. 3. Uploading images/documents is a huge advantage for tracking faculty credentials, CVs, and other documents. It is easy to link to other tables (hence, a relational database). 5. Non-tech users will find it relatively easy. 6. API with sendgrid, allows embedding on websites. 7. Interface with.csv files. 8. Developers and users of tech have sophisticated capabilities.
“Here are some of the things that I really enjoyed about the software during its use: * It is easy to get started and add data to rows. It is possible to create interlinking tables (no more Vlookups). Multiple views to view data in different formats. * A dashboard that allows you to view all workspaces. * Formula flexibility and calculations
*Analysis correct as of September 2021Examples from the most positive reviews about ClickUp
“I love the great price and value it offers. ClickUp and 15 PM SaaS Solutions stood out to me among all the others. Even though they had many of the same features today, they were still a good choice. I found that PM SaaS Solutions had a similar plan to my needs.