All of us would agree that the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. We also know that cyber security is at risk due to the ease of internet. It’s not surprising that personal data has been hacked. Even multinational corporations are vulnerable to illegal hackers. This has created a large demand for professionals who have a solid knowledge of the same tools and thought process that any malicious hacker uses. They are also known professionally as ethical hackers. They work and think like hackers, but they do so legally and with permission from the network. Companies all over the globe are searching for ethical hackers to constantly find their weaknesses, test entry points and decide the priority targets. They also want to develop a strategy to make maximum use of their resources.
It is difficult to maintain a firm grip in business without the latest technology. Your business will grow if you are more tech-centric. This simple principle has led companies to move most of their data and information to the cloud. All online information was managed and protected by regular IT professionals. Soon, however, web users realized that hackers are a creative bunch. This has led to a vicious cycle where hackers keep inventing new ways to hack into companies’ networks and steal data. The more a business is present on the internet, the greater the chance of it growing. Certified ethical hackers are required by companies to overcome these obstacles.
The unending requirement for Certified Ethical Hackers can easily be summarized as:
The internet is a constant source of business growth. Cyber security threats are also not going away.
Certified ethical hackers are the best way to ensure the security of online data for any business.
Employing certified ethical hackers will ensure better protection of a company’s reputation and data.
According to a survey, the cyber security market will grow to USD 35 Billion by 2025. India will also need at least 1 million skilled workers by 2020.
A Certified Cyber Security Professional can lead to better job opportunities and a 20%-30% higher salary than other IT professionals.
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