The alphabet soup of credentials can be overwhelming when you’re starting a career as an IT professional. There are many certification options to choose from. How do you decide which certification is best for you? Which will help you get the best jobs and, once you have a job, make sure you do it well? Which will help you get to the top?

Some people prefer to do it all and obtain as many certifications possible to protect their skills. Others choose to focus their efforts on a single area and only one or two of the primary certifications.
Although there are differences in which itinerary is best, many IT executives and recruiters agree on one thing: CompTIA Security+ is the most important certification for an IT security professional.
What is CompTIA Security+? Security is one of the most important and exciting IT specializations. CompTIA Security+ certification proves that you are able to protect networks and sensitive information. Companies want to hire people who understand and have skills in IT security.
What can a Security+ certification do for your career?
CompTIA Security+, a vendor-neutral certification, covers many key concepts in IT security including:
Threats and vulnerabilities
Data and Host Security
Access and Identity Control

These qualifications will show that you are able to recognize and respond to security situations and can identify and mitigate hazards before they occur. CompTIA Security+ is an accepted companion to other CompTIA certifications such as CompTIA CySA+ or CompTIA Network+.
Although not essential for a career as an IT security professional, most recruiters prefer applicants to have the CompTIA Security+ or an equivalent certification before they consider hiring them. The certification is used by most recruiters to determine who they will interview for a specific job. Candidates with the certification are given preference over others. Education, work experience, and skillfulness are still important and essential. The certification serves as proof of your understanding.
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