September 12, 2018 Microsoft is still the most widely used operating system for business. It’s a great idea to get certified in at least one of its courses. This applies to both professionals and beginners looking to start their IT careers.
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), is a well-known certification course. It is widely recognized and is considered the “foundation of Microsoft’s new generation cloud-optimized credentials.” Having an MCSA certificate will open doors to many opportunities in the IT world. It will help you in your professional life by exposing you to many things that will enhance your technical skills. Why should you become MCSA certified?
It validates and improves skills
You will be able to prove your technical skills by obtaining an MCSA certificate. It will also improve your ability to design and create technology solutions. This certification will be valid for any Microsoft business platform such as Bot Framework and Office 365. MCSA certification will validate your core skills in designing, building, and implementing Microsoft technology solutions. You will gain in-depth knowledge about the program you are interested in.
Earn higher
MCSA-certified IT professionals can expect higher salaries, but this all depends on the industry you work in and the amount of experience you have. Employers appreciate candidates who have put in the time to earn a certification. This includes all preparation required to pass the exams, including the time, expense, and books. You will see that your hard work will pay off at the end of each day.
A competitive advantage over other candidates
Many companies are looking for IT professionals who can meet the requirements to execute different network, computer, or system services. This means that you will be able to gain an MCSA certificate and have an advantage over other candidates. This certificate will make you stand out from the rest by being included in your resume. Employers value the testing done by different industries to assess the skills of employees.
Higher job opportunities
Microsoft certifications are seen as a sign that individuals have high-ranking positions. Certified individuals are also seen to increase the performance of any team they work in. MCSA certifications can also be a boon for candidates looking for stable, higher-paying jobs.
Expert-level certifications are a prerequisite
You can also upgrade to expert-level certifications like the Microsoft Certified