July 30, 2020. Many technology experts consider business intelligence and big data analysis to be the next big thing. These fields will be a major focus for companies, as they will see a lot of benefits. They rely on relational databases which is why SQL Server skills have high demand. You need to be certified if you want to work as a SQL specialist. There are many certifications you can get. We will be looking at the top SQL credentials you can pursue in 2020. They are all offered by Microsoft. Let’s get into detail.
1. MTA: Database Fundamentals
MTA: Database Fundamentals is a great entry-level certification for those who are new to database technology. It only covers the basics of SQL Server and database knowledge. This credential doesn’t require any professional experience. However, you should have some knowledge of databases. This badge is a great way to get started in this sector if you’re just starting out.
2. MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014
This associate-level certificate teaches individuals how to use XML, T–SQL and CLR. It demonstrates their ability to develop and sustain the next generation of mission-critical environments. This credential is perfect for those who wish to be a C# or database administrator, or a T SQL developer. This Microsoft certification will allow you to acquire many technical skills that can be used in your career.
3. MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development
This badge is for business intelligence developers who are interested in pursuing a career. It will strengthen your ETL and data warehouse skills. It will also validate your skills to implement BI solutions online using analytical cubes and tabular models.
4. MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development
This certification will allow you to work with both cloud-based and on-premises database systems. You will need to pass two exams in order to obtain this certification. This will allow you to be able the apply for the mid-level position as a database developer. You should have a basic knowledge of databases if you want to get this credential.
5. MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration
Next on the list is the MCSA: SQL 2016, Database Administration certificate. This certificate shows that you are able to configure, maintain, install, and provision a database. This badge will allow you to be a professional such as an architect, infrastructure specialist, or development lead. This certification is not possible for someone who is new to SQL or databases.