Do you want to become a dentist? There are many learning challenges ahead of you. Passing DAT (Dental Administration Test), is the first. DAT is a multiple choice exam that takes approximately 4.5 hours. All dental school applicants must pass it (DAT scores must also be included in the application). DAT is a difficult exam. Candidates must pay approximately USD400 to take it. It might prove costly and time-consuming to try your luck again and take it as many times you need.
Studying for DAT is the best way to master it. Let’s first look at the exam sections. These will be your four main study areas.
The Survey of the Natural Sciences (Biology and Chemistry).
This section of DAT tests candidates knowledge in biology, general and organic chemistry as well as in the relevant first-year college courses. There are 100 items in the exam: 40 in biology, 30 general chemistry and 30 organic chemistry. Each section is graded individually and you will be awarded separate subscores. During the DAT exam, a periodic table is available.
Perceptual Ability
This section of DAT exam covers various types of nonverbal visual ability items. The Perceptual Ability test has six sections. One section deals with two-dimensional perception while the other sections deal with three-dimensional perception. Candidates should read and comprehend the instructions at each section’s beginning. They can be confusing. Candidates are not allowed to use measuring instruments (including pencils and fingers) during the test.
Reading Comprehension
The DAT Reading Comprehension Test consists of three reading passages followed by 16-17 questions. These passages are mostly scientific and will likely cover topics taught in dental school. Before you rush to answer the questions, make sure that you carefully read every passage.
Quantitative Reasoning (Applied Mathematics).
Quantitative reasoning tests candidates’ ability to think with numbers, manipulate numerical relationships and deal intelligently using quantitative materials. During the actual DAT exam, a basic calculator will be available.
Here are some key points to keep in mind when you prepare for the DAT Exam.
Time management
DAT gives each section of the exam a time limit. This is in contrast to giving candidates the entire exam time and letting them choose how they want to manage their time. DAT requires that candidates finish each section within the time allowed. Each section and subsection are graded separately so you need to avoid focusing on one question too much as it can hamper your section score. This makes DAT different than other exams. Make sure you manage your time when you prepare for the exam.
Resources for DAT-specific preparation
DAT covers many subjects and areas. While you can refresh your knowledge in biology and chemistry with a college course book, it is a mistake to ignore DAT-specific preparation materials. Perceptual Ability is one of the most unique DAT exam areas. Make sure you review DAT-specific training materials.
The best DAT Preparation Software
DAT is a difficult exam because of many factors. It’s because of its vast scope and serious complexity. It also contains a variety of DAT-specific questions and approaches candidates should be familiar. Last but not the least, time management. Each section is assigned a time slot to complete the exam. It is almost impossible to prepare for DAT using a book or DAT study guide. Nearly all DAT candidates admit that they used interactive exam preparation tools like VCE soft to pass the exam.