We asked instructors across the country to tell us how their courses have changed since they switched to remote teaching. Continue reading to learn some great tips that they have used to help students succeed in an online environment.
How has hosting a class online changed the way you host it?
Instructors are increasingly using video as a tool. Many instructors use Zoom or other video conferencing software to replace class time. Others pre-record lectures.
“I prefer lecture videos to in-person and in class lectures”
Wisam Bukaita at Lawrence Tech University
Instructors have made changes in the delivery of their lectures and materials. They also focus on changing their classroom dynamics and planning to adapt to remote teaching.
“I give more breaks during class.”
– Nicolas D. Peppes St. Louis Community College
How have you adjusted assignments for your online class?
All instructors use email, online platforms and learning management system to deliver and receive assignments from students. They have also used WebAssign’s Show My Work feature to view student’s work and use video conferencing for presentations.
Another instructor found that online classes are more effective when there is clarity in the assignment instructions.
“I add more redundancy to my assignments. Students might be looking for instructions in a different location, so I post links to the instructions to help guide them to the right place.
– Laura Dendinger, Wayne State College
Another instructor found a way to keep students on task by changing the timing of assignments due dates.
“I assign a week’s worth assignments with the same due dates (assign Monday AM due Sunday PM).
Nancy Cowett, Northern Maine Community College
How has remote teaching changed the way you communicate with students?
It is a great reminder to students during difficult times to communicate with them with empathy and understanding.
“I always start every message asking the student how they are doing. Some of this I took for granted, but they may have suffered many losses and may need more compassion.
– Laura Dendinger, Wayne State College
Communication is more important than ever outside of the classroom. Instructors shared with us that they are communicating more frequently via email and video conferencing with students.
“I am more vigilant in monitoring my students to ensure a successful semester.” Some students didn’t sign up online and need more support to navigate the new structure.
– Marie Guest, North Florida College
It can be difficult to move your course online and it can be difficult to see how it is working for your students.
“I seek constant feedback”
– Sinjini Mitra, California State University – Fullerton
How can you encourage collaboration in an online class?
Our instructors all agreed with the same sentiment regarding student collaboration: encourage and offer an online platform for students to collaborate.
“Incorporate more discussion. We now have a discussion forum to facilitate in-class discussion for my face-to-face courses.
Brian Gerber, Cleveland State Community College
How do you balance work and life while remote teaching?
It can be difficult to manage work and family life when teaching from home. Instructors recommend taking short breaks throughout the day to disconnect from the computer and setting boundaries.
“Aside from setting office hours, I have only set four times a day to check and reply to emails. It is important to keep work separate from your personal life.”
– Marie Guest, North Florida College

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